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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 14, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> i guess everyone wins. >> it makes me happy. >> thank you, andy, julie, bill, camille, gavin, i'm greg. >> bret: a bold plan for economic recovery or the same old rejected ideas in a campaign document. the debate tonight over the president's budget. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama is touting the budget plan as balanced approach to benefit the middle class. republicans say it's more about campaigning than governing and is filled with budget gimmicks. ed henry looks at the budget and fall out. >> breaking a promise to cut the deficit in half in the first term, president obama suggested today deficits don't matter too much.
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since spending year could choke off recovery. >> at a time they are creating at faster clip. they need to do everything to keep it on track. >> there was an annual $1.3 trillion deficit when the president took office, he unveiled a budget predicting this year's deficit will stay above a trillion dollars for the fourth straight year. far cry from the first 100 days. >> today i'm pledging to cult the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office. this won't be easy. >> cutting the original deficit in half would mean getting it to $650 billion. not in this year's budget. this budget reach $1.33 trillion. next year's budget would fall, it is assuming $1.5 trillion in new revenue based on proposed tax increases the republicans have no plans to support. >> it's not dead on arrival.
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it's debt on arrival. that is what we are seeing. this is an ambush budget. >> the white house says the president's budget would achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction. while still creating jobs short-term. >> we do those things, even as we lock in a kind of medium and long-term savings to reduce the deficit. >> the first part on jobs is true, since unemployment started to go down. the second part is wrong, according to the peterson foundation that said the president's own number show debt rising until after 2022 and reaching levels to put the economy at risk. new white house chief of staff jack lew made clear the long-term is taking a backseat. >> if we were to put in austerity measures right now it would take the economy in the wrong way. >> leading republicans to charge an election year hoax. >> charade. a charade. >> the only question is when the president own refusal to
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lead will catch up to the rest of us. >> fox news learned on page 1321 of the budget the president is playing hard ball with speaker john boehner taking aim at the d.c. opportunity scholarship, pet project of boehner to give inner city kids vouchers for private school. now we learn the president wants to zero out funding. >> bret: much more with the panel. ed henry on the north laup. thanks. get thoughts on the budget from brim hume who joins us tonight from boca grand, florida. good evening. your thoughts? >> i would say this. the president claim of deficit reduction rists on assumptions, one $1.6 trillion in new taxes can be enacted. if they are, they will indeed collect that much revenue. the second thought is that is
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it baked in the cake. that was in place. on top of that, you have $1.4 trillion from the various sources. a chunk of silt from spending that wasn't going to happen anyway. it may give you without partisan criticism of republicans being considered, it may give you a sense of how likely the budget would be if it were enacted to achieve the goals. skepticism is reasonably foun founded. >> bret: jack lew on the sunday shows saying wrongly that you need # 0 votes to pass vote in senate on budgetnary measures you just need a simple majority. republicans say the democrats have that. why don't they bring it up on
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the floor. >> jack lew who had known better say that. he was wrong about that. a more important argument he made is that you are hearing from some respected economists is look, this is no time to try to cut spending immediately. that it would, it would be contractionary and the economy needs room to grow and spending to prime the pump. the problem as we discussed is so far the spending doesn't seem to accelerate the economy. >> bret: last thing, there is no hope that the democratic leaders would bring up the budget though they have the 53 on the senate floor. >> that is true. they probably won't. every president's budget is basically dead on arrival. it covers every line item in the whole budget of the entire government. it's always going to be changed. so, you know, that is clever posturing by the republicans to try to bring it up.
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it doesn't mean much. >> bret: it means a lot you're in florida. you look tan and rested. have a good one. thank you for joining us. >> wish you were here. >> bret: european union officials are giving greece until wednesday to convince the e.u. finance ministers it will stick to terms of the us a centerty package. the latest round of cuts sparked violence in cities. germany says it will not give time approve for a second bail-out until next month. stocks began the week on a positive note. the dow was up 73. the s&p 500 gaped nine. the nasdaq finished ahead 27.5. mitt romney is coming off two victories over the weekend as he tries to reshame the momentum in the republican campaign. but carl cameron reports the latest numbers will not be easy. >> with wins disputed by the rival in saturday's non-binding maine caucus and the big straw poll at the con seventive political action conference in dc known as cpac, mitt romney's front
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runner status is being challenged nationally, this time by rick santorum. the latest pew poll shows santorum up two. the latest gallop poll shows santorum surgin surging in a vil tie. for the first time ever, the real clear politics average of the national polls has santorum leading. washington county and maine was hit by snow and post popeed the caucuses until next saturday. the state party chairman declared romney the overall winner and the caucuses closed. the paul cam pape argues the washington county interrupt could put paul on top. in 2008, only 113 people caucused in the maine washington county. paul got eight votes. >> there are reasons to raise questions. it'd like know the truth of it. >> after losing to colorado and minnesota caucuses last week, romney needed a rebound. took pains to win the straw poll. as well as to persuade
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conservatives he could be trusted. >> i fought along long odds but i was a severely republican governor. >> santorum accused romney of rigging the vote. part of the straw poll game that santorum didn't take part in. >> you heard rick santorum and others claiming that romney bought the vote. that is called organization. if you have the money and organization to do it, you do it. >> santorum is surging in michigan two weeks from tomorrow. two new michigan polls show santorum leading in the state where romney was born and raised. the real clear politics average of recent michigan polls has romney up seven. romney so far won four states. santorum, too, has four wins. gingrich has one. ron paul, none.
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it would badly hobble romney if santorum wins in his home state. it could push them out of the picture. >> bret: president obama says the latest version of the contraception mandate threatens coercion of religious people to violate deeply held convictions. chief washington correspondent james rosen updates the holy war over healthcare. >> before leaving for rome, dolan rejected the latest plan for free contraception for working women, writing as head of the conference of catholic bishops he said the lack of clear protection for the key stakeholders for self-insured religious employers, religious and secular employers, secular non-profit employers religious insurers and for individuals is unacceptable and must be corrected. >> if there is an exception for catholic institutions that
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self-insurance do you think the church response to the president would be favorable? >> we would have to see what it would look like. even if we were to find a satisfactory conclusion to the question of immoral activity and paying for them, we still have to get to the basic issue. that is the fundamental freedom of religious faith-based groups to carry out the ministry unimpeded by government directives. >> around the, quote/unquote, accommodation announced friday, insurance companies and not catholic charities, hospitals and schools would pay for the contraceptive devices. white house made clear this is as far as president obama will go by way of accommodation. >> so you are not going to change? >> our policy is clear. >> no revision to revision. >> we set our policy. >> they have a short group welcoming the attempt. two allyed with the white house in past battles and the
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president spokesman suddenly suggested political motivation driving those still opposed. >> i know with regard to the bishop they never supported healthcare reform to begin with. >> with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell vowing to neutralize legislation, pro-choice america announced it is spending $250,000 on radio ads to back the rule in four battleground states. >> thank you. >> for chris genair launched the gay marriage legislation. it is set to take effect in june po s are mounting challenges on multiple fronts. supreme court justice steven breyer and his wife were robbed at knife point thursday vacationing op nevis island in the caribbean. the source tells fox that the robber had a machete. the breyers were not injured. you will not be happy to find
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out how much you have been paying to give your senator a haircut. that is later in the grapevine. up next, a close shave for israeli
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>> bret: radical cleric was treed from a british jail today. the preacher described as a leading al-qaeda figure in europe met bail conditions granted last week after more than six years behind bars. sky news says he will be guarded by 0 police officers at a time. 24 hours a day. israel is blaming iran for a pair of attacks against a diplomat in india and georgia. correspondent leland vittert is following the story from jerusalem. >> the wife escaped. she was driving to pick up the kids from school. witnesses say the bombers used
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a motorcycle to drive alongside and detach ex -- attach explosives before speeding off. similar device was diffused by police before it destroyed israeli embassy car. the unknown assassins who killed two iranian nuclear scientists used exactly the same method. iran vowed retaliation. political meeting, the prime minister blamed tehran. >> we will continue to act. systemically, with determination and forcefully against international terrorists from iran. >> israel is widely blamed for an attack four years ago yesterday that killed mania, the operation leader of hezbollah and mastermind in the 12983 marine bar ranks bombing in beirut, kidnapping of station chief and bombing of israel embassy in argentina. at the massive funeral, the iranian funded group based in beirut promised revenge pew in the last few months have seen
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the plot foiled and teams rounded up in foiled attacks innageer buy january and -- in ageeinager buyian. >> if these were indeed revenge attacks both sides may decide the score is settled. wars in this part of the world started over events like these. leland vittert, fox news. >> officials say iran is preparing small boats to launch suicide attacks against american ships in the persian gulf. national correspondent steve centanni reports on a part of the region you might not be aware of. >> after six iran yas rescued in the persian gulf last month, the head of coast guard admitted some folks were puzzled. >> a lot of questions.
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>> former captain of the vessel that saved the iranian explained to fox what happened and wow. >> put the vote over the side. >> this is the coast guard bread and butter at home. launching rescue boat to save people at sea. >> it's extremely rewarding. particularly with a country where there is tense relatio relations. >> i don't think people understand the unique nature of the coast guard. how we are military and federal law enforcement agency. >> the coast guard small cutter goes where the navy and marine can't. the ship-mounted weapons don't hurt either, which is why nine years ago the pentagon asked the pentagon to help out. >> operating under customary international law. which allows military vessels. >> in the gulf, the vessels not ifyed or in forbidden
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waters are checked out. most are fishing boats from countries like iran. sometimes small diplomat ig doors are open. we sent a team over and excited and eager. they had tea with them and played cards. >> till the coast guard mission is dangerous. >> i don't think it would be different than soldier on the ground in iraq or afghanistan. the painful price of conflict born by the least recognized of america's warriors. >> bret: president obama's budget proposal contains $800 million in aid to arab spring countrys and calls for establishment of fund to provide incentive for economic, political and trade reform. still ahead, we look at how the federal budget process
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became so contentious. but first, could there be a spring thaw in the con tense, relationship -- contentious relationship between u.s. and
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>> bret: jennifer griffin has details. >> good evening. this is the first time a representative met with kim jong unsince the death of his father kim jong il in december. it will be a big test to see if the regime wants to turn over a new leaf with the west. ambassador glen davis flew to beijing. the third meeting since last
4:24 am
summer to close a deal involving food aid in exchange for north korea halting the uranium enrichment. that is the only leverage that west has. the deal is deemed close when kim died of a heart attack. >> i don't think the talks on the 23rd are going to go anywhere. kim jong unhas a firm hold op power. the north korean military is in charge. the generals don't want to give up the destructive method. >> the chinese military was said to be moving toward the north korean border. >> more on this with the panel. thank you. >> north carolina is known for being repressive society. some are concerned with the
4:25 am
security proposals they feel are intrusive here. catherine herridge explains. >> if you feel like you are being watched you are probably right. the latest tool under consideration to collect data inside are drones. >> these are the tools. everybody wants to get involved with the shiny toy. >> in iraq we used them to track down bomb factories, but in that case you would back track people in place of the bomb to the factory it came from. >> homeland security uses drones on the border, the question is whether the department reportedly investigating other options. we are using the uab along the borders. they are a force multiplier for us. >> spokesman did not expand on the comment, the document from the homeland security procurement office show they are soliciting industry input
4:26 am
for a wide area aerial surveillance system to provide persistent long-term surveillance over urban terrain. >> resistance are growing. if it's a surveillance drone, it's possible you walk out until you return at night or are in another building that your every movement will be tracked by the unseen eye in the sky. >> the house intelligence chairman told fox cost is an issue. >> we don't have enough of them. we have a lot of requirements to meet. >> citks say there is nothing in the new legislation to address the privacy issues. >> thank you. >> a shave and a hair cut costing taxpayers a lot more than two bits.
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that's next in the grapevine. how closely does one
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we have a choice. we can settle for a company where a few people do really really well and everybody else
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struggles to get by. or we can restore an economy where everybody gets a fair shot, everybody does their fair share. everybody plays by the same set of rules. >> he reduces the cut, raises taxes and claims that two actions reduce the testify is it another $1 there. which is totally bogus. >> this is a charade. a charade. the only question is when this president's own refusal to lead will catch up to the rest of us. >> the president does in a balanceed way, reduces the deficit in a balanceed way. >> bret: the president's budget as you can see arrived on capitol hill today. to mixed reactions on both sides of the aisle. we can say the deficit stays above $1 trillion for the fourth straight year. depending on what happens to the budget. it sounds like it will have an interesting trek on capitol hill.
4:40 am
bring in the panel. steve hayes for weekly standard. mara liasson and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. you heard republicans saying this isn't a budget. it's campaign document. >> i think they're right. >> bret: what about what the white house says about the budget? >> this is an expression of the president's priorities. he has made calculated bet that the big concern for a full year over the deficit dissipated and people are more interested in fairness and keeping the recovery going, which is what he says he will do. to the extent he offers the deficit reduction, he offers it by raising taxes on the wealthy. nonstarter with republicans. as far as the put having an interesting trek on capitol hill, it will have a trek to nowhere. but it's not meant to be something that can pass. >> bret: charles, just that mere statement is an interesting one. that is often what happens with the controversial budget. this does not deal with
4:41 am
entitlements and really any way, shape or form. it does cut some $300 billion out of medicare and uses the money elsewhere. it takes it from providers using the president's independent payment advisory board. it's pretty unique development. >> it's essentially rationing, which will happen in the future, will be draconian for people understood that is way he thinks will reduce the testify is it. this is what he has done for the first term. the first two years he said i can't do anything about debt because the recession is so high. so i'll wait until after the mid-term election and do it. commission report on december of 2010 he does nothing about it. submits a budget last year proposterrous that nothing about that increased at the senate. controlled by democrats.
4:42 am
rejected it 97-nothing. the budget worse than last year is something that harry read doesn't want to go to the same floor because it will be rejected laughed out of the senate. i think you have a sound bite. >> bret: the current chief of staff jack lew used to be the budget directory. >> you have to be honestium. can't pass the budget in the senate or the ice without 60 votes. >> he says it takes 60 vets to pass the senate and budget? it doesn't. it takes 50. there are 53 democrats. get harry reid marx jurorty leader in the senate to ask the senate to vote on your budget. let's let the democrats pass it. they haven't had a put pass the senate for $1,000 days. >> that remarkable, isn't it?
4:43 am
>> bret: budgetary measures can pass the senate with 50 votes. >> it's so completely wrong, so how can jack lew who was the budget directory twice under the clin top administration and today make a mistake like. this i don't think he lied. he would have known he would have been caught out. the administration is so used to blaming evening on republicans, connection, hailstorm, who knows. rising of the ocean. either jack felt he had to blame this on republicans when the passal of a budget in senate has nothing to do with the republicans. it's in the hands of the senate. >> i think you are being generous to jack lew. he said it not once but he said repeatedly this guy served a the budget director.
4:44 am
it's unconceivable he didn't know. to me it budgets he did it on perp. >> how did he get away from it? >> they got away with the argument all day long. if you look at budget, it's extrapolation of that claim we have seen from them. in bigger form. >> this is why i think, this is so hard to have this conversation in washington now. this budget is such a farce. it's filled with so many gimmicks, some are laughable. this is so silly that it's hard to have a rationale discussion. i have to admit listening to the senators on capitol hill, i talk to senator jeff sessions today. talking about this saying here is where the problem is. these projections are off. do the numbers matter? this is fantasy land.
4:45 am
the republicans have to make the argument. this is the reason the math doesn't add up. fantly land in the big picture. >> republicans and democrats use budget gim nick the past. to move shells around. isn't that the message ahead of campaign trail that america is tired of that? >> supposedly. we don't see anyone who has taken the message and base campaign on it. we are hearing that the policy would have been better without it or but we are not hearing that this consumed all of us for better part of year. >> arguably the cuts aren't cuts. they are slowing the increase. and the only one who really makes it effectively on campaign trail is ron paul.
4:46 am
>> absolutely. he won't win thele in nation. but those who could are not doing enough. or doing it at all. they won't unless they make the debt what they worry about. everybody thinks if you redistribute income to solve the economic problem. let me be more cynical. the president knows we are headed over a cliff. but this is a budget where the increase and president of the united states to offer it knowing how dire the situation is, truly scand louse. >> next up, u.s. prepares for
4:47 am
trecht talk with north korea
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iran stands behind the largest exporter of terror in world and we'll act determination and forcefully against international terrore terroremnating from iran. >> bret: israeli prime minister talking about two attacks, two different attacks one in india. the other in georgia. one was a similar device diffused but israeli diplomats targeted.
4:51 am
the other development is talks between u.s. and north korea. what about this and what it means for the dynamic? >> iran is getting increas increaseively -- increasingly nervous. sanks are making it difficult at home. the middle class is losing its assets. they know that they have got carriers, american carriers in the persian gulf. israelis are dead serious about ultimately an attack, if not is done. the secretary of state talked about it. so they have had the exercises planning and threatening to close the strait of hormuz. iranians are trying to show they aren't afraid. i think they are. and i think the time to ratchet up the sanctions, we're going to put sanctions on the central bank but we're
4:52 am
doing it slowly. we ought to do it right away hard because the clock is running. >> bret: no one claimed responsible for the attack. >> whoever did it proved they can amount an attack but not successful one. this wasn't tit-for-tat for what israeli presumably did for iranian scientists because nobody was killed. it's hard to see what would convince them that the costs are too great. even in opposition in iran believes in having a nuclear bomb. >> i mentioned last week that the kind of activities were more widespread than publicly reported. i can add detail to that. there were three iranians expelled by the european country in late january for casing the u.s. embassy in the capital of that country.
4:53 am
expelled from the country. it suggests that the iranians are stepping up the evident across, certainly across europe and the world potentially. it match what is we saw from iraq before the gulf war, and the recent war there where they activate the intelligence network and terrorist proxies. a worsening development. >> bret: to reiterate you f you miss friday lightning round you still at 90% iran attacks israel before election? >> i think it's highly likely. i don't see evidence to suggest israelis are less and terribly worried and prepared to strike again if nothing else. if nothing else happens. >> bret: other twenty today, the u.s. talking -- other development today, u.s. talking one-on-one with north korea officials. meeting happening in beijing about restarting multinational talks. six party talks that fell apart. mara how significant is a development is this?
4:54 am
>> unclear. north korea never wavered in this determination to have a nuclear weapon. they have often engaged in the talks to get aid as a carrot. food aid. which they pocketed. i don't know how significant they are. it doesn't seem to me that there is anything that north korea think it wants more than nuclear weapons. >> bret: new leader kim jong un. steve? >> our mistake is assuming that food aid is the only leverage point we have. meeting itself is point of leverage. north koreans are constantly wanting to enhance legitimacy in eyes of the world meeting with the united states and being at the same table. that is what we give up when we request the talk and push for them. i think what you are seeing here yet again you saw it at the end of the bush administration went have seen it throughout the obama administration is engagement for the sake of engagement. we tried this with iran. that hasn't worked well. we tried it with syria. that hasn't worked. it's unclear what we expect to get. change in two decades worth of
4:55 am
behavior from north koreans? unlikely. >> charles? >> this is lucy and the football. nothing will come of it. even if there were an agreement, every agreement we have had with that regime has resulted in our getting something real. food aid or other aid. north koreans receiving us and cheating on us. on plutonium and uranium. it has no effect on the program. unless, the only possible logic of engaging in this is get some intelligence thinking the regime under the new leader. but other than that, which i think is something we can gather in other ways it's a gift to sit at table with regime like this and we should don't it for nothing in return. >> it does come ahead of top level chinese diplomatic mission and visit here to the u.s. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see a habit a
4:56 am
candidate picked up the campaign trail.
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>> bret: finally tonight, as of late, we have seen a surge for rick san form. new polls in michigan, new national polls suggest is he gains support. sometimes candidates develop different habits while delivering stump speeches on the late campaign trail. >> here is angry pointing. you see whack wacky pointing. here is he pointing at his hair. he is cocked and ready to point. showing you where his eyes are. here is he pointing at a computer. pointing at the ceiling tile and for his grand finale this is the double point. yeah. my point is, the man likes to point.


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